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Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

Tennant company is definetely one of the most prominent name when it comes to the environmental cleaning solutions and floor coating specialty. The long line of tennant's products in the market has been widely known among the public as one of the best products for cleaning solutions for their home. Tennant company has dedicated itself as the world-leading manufacturer that provide and create various products for cleaning solutions and equipment. Since 1870 this tenant company has dedicated it's business activity to create a cleaner, healthier, and safer world for people to live in. Their products are already recognized and had received various awards fro cleaning soulutions, their products include industrial and commercial sweeper, coatings, detergent, scrubbers, floor scrubber, carpet-cleaning equipment, burnishers, vacuums, and many more

    And now through this article we would like to highlight one of the tennant's company product. The tennant's company product that we are going to highlight is none other than tennant floor scrubber. Tennant company has two different kind of products when it comes to their tennant floor srubber product. The tennant floor scrubber products have two types, the first one is walk-behind srubbers, and the second one is ride-on scrubber. The walk-behind scrubber from the tennant company feature a one-pass floor cleaning system. This product utilize dual disk brushes that come with an adjustable down pressure, and a built-in vacuum that leave the floors to be clean and dry. The brush speed of this scrubber is 220 rpm, 320 rpm and have a propulsion speed 0-3.0 mph, 0-3.1 mph. As for their ride on scrubber, their ride-on tennant floor scrubber features one-pass cleaning of floors and this tennant floor srubber have pavement rates up to 70,000 squared-feet per hour. The models for this product including Tennant – 7100, Tennant – 7400, Tennant - 7400 LP, and Tennant – T20.